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About us

Our firm is a dynamic growing service company acting in the following branches:

  • traffic engineering
  • logistic
  • energetic industry
  • production and electric industry
  • infrastructure

This barnches known as the basis of all development, and due to the robost structureres it is easy to put it into practise at the costumrs and at the endusers.

The tendencies show forward to megapolis, where the traffic and ware circulation makes possible the extreme short time of transoprtations ("Minimum Connecting Time").

The megapolises has allraedy done with this, rahter they have to carry out also with the joining provisions, referring to infrastructure.

This assumes the high level automatisation of processes, where the IT- and automation systems are in flexible connection with the mehatronics- and building systems.

The Innovation Engineering & Services Ltd. call their competences and services not only in design and implementation, but provide the engineering solution and experience, are need to the real working and to the operation.

During our work we are focusing on the innovativ design, engineering solution, project management, producting procedure and qualty mananagement. We are also acting in the area of starting up and after sales solution.

Our stuff consists of future-oriented, versed experts, who are working on the following fields:

  • design and conception
  • energetics
  • driv technology
  • logistics
  • IT software
  • hardwere and network
  • PLC (Programmable logic controller)
  • automatization systems
  • electrotechnic
  • communication systems
  • mechtaronics
  • mechanical engineering
  • building technics



our guidelines:

Don’t let your partner fail

Respect for culture

Walk the talk

Be innovative and result oriented